Unicorn Kid – Pure Space


Unicorn Kid on Pitchfork?¬†Unicorn Kid touring the UK with Kavinsky, Breakbot and Yelle? I think it’s safe to say this kid has made it. I first heard about Unicorn Kid in my sophomore year of High School and always considered him that ‘friend of a friend’ who sounded like Owl City (sans the cheesy vocals). ‘Pure Space’ is a huge step up from anything he’s done before – the MIDI Nintendo beeps and blips are still there, but the final product is definitely more Air France-esque than Owl City. Check it out and grab it below.

Download: Unicorn Kid – Pure Space
Bonus: I’m On One (Unicorn Kid’s Stadium Remix) – DJ Khaled Feat. Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne


Morgan Page feat. Nadia Ali – Carry Me

Nadia Ali has the face of a princess and the voice of an angel, so naturally I listen to everything she touches.¬†Carry Me is the perfect song for the summer, evoking images of Malibu cokes and lychee mojitos on the beach as I toil away in library studying for Finals. I can’t find a Soundcloud link, so download the goodness below.

Download: Morgan Page feat. Nadia Ali – Carry Me

Rhye – Open

It doesn’t get sexier than this.

St. Lucia – We Got It Wrong (Lenno Remix)

Lenno, the 17-year old out of Finland, is en fuego. Everything he touches turns to gold. I prefer his stuff to his age counterpart Madeon, although they’re a bit different – Lenno’s touch is more disco and less electro/house.

Download: St. Lucia – We Got It Wrong (Lenno Remix)

His remixes probably have a combined 1000 plays on my iTunes – he’s that consistent and that good. His selection is also impeccable and has led to my discovery of lots of new bands and artists.

The Wombats – 1996 (Lenno Remix)

St. Lucia, on the other hand, are an up-and-coming band out of New York and should be on everybody’s radars by Summer. Their stuff is fresh, and what really separates them from the pack are the stunning vocals of the lead singer (whose name escapes me right now).

St. Lucia – All Eyes on You

Taken from their bio:
St. Lucia is what happens when the long and bleak winters of New York recede and summer emerges; giving birth to memories of childhood holidays, faded photos of exotic places and the dream of recapturing this. Inspired by his homeland of South Africa, his journey through the UK and relocation to Brooklyn, St Lucia could reference the sonics of Temper Trap, or the infectiousness of Empire of the Sun, but ultimately it is a wall of atmospherics crafted with an inordinate amount of time-consuming precision.

St. Lucia – Closer To You

The Bamboos feat. Megan Washington – The Wilhelm Scream (James Blake Cover)

Lately I’ve been infatuated with The Bamboos’ (+ Megan Washington’s) cover of The Wilhelm Scream. It’s a complete 180 from the original by James Blake, one of my favorite songs of 2011. Jazzy, sexy and soulful, it’s a fun interpretation of a modern classic. Stream and download it below.

Download: The Bamboos – The Wilhelm Scream

Swimwear – Easy High

I don’t know much about Swimwear other than that their EP is available on Bandcamp for a ‘pay-what-you-want’ price, ala In Rainbows-Radiohead. I do know that Easy High is a great track, with lazy vocals perfect for the nice spring weather. Check it out below, and if you dig, grab the EP (I just did).

Hot Chip – Flutes

Hot Chip are back. Flutes, however, is not the bubblegum Hot Chip you remember from 2010’s One Life Stand. Darker, more complex, and featuring a pulsating deep house beat, Flutes is a glorious entry into new territory. Hot Chip’s upcoming album In Our Heads comes out on June 12, 2012.

Download (Right-click Save As): Hot Chip – Flutes