Keenhouse – Aries (Hemingway’s Starlight Yacht Remix)

Every Monday and Wednesday morning, I embark on a 16-minute uphill walk to my economics class. Since school started in January, the median weather here in Montreal has been -14 degrees Celsius. When you’re climbing hills at 9 in the morning, freezing in sub-zero weather, being showered upon by snow, you tend to think to yourself “Fuck, I wish I were somewhere else.”

My mind tends to drift to memories of the Manila heat, the beaches, the lack of hills, and my cozy pillows back home. Hemingway’s Starlight Yacht Remix of Keenhouse’s Ari-es is a mystical, entrancing song that temporarily whisks me away from the cold and back to the warm, breezy Malibu Coke nights Manila offers. Best heard: 1) on a yacht, with a bottle of Moet, at night 2) on the beach in Punta Fuego, cocktail in hand 3) climbing up snowy hills in sub-zero weather

Download: Keenhouse – Aries (Hemingway’s Starlight Yacht Remix)


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