Productivity & Sleep

…are two major enemies of your average college student. Here are two nifty tools to help fight the war against procrastination and sleep deprivation (or at least in eliminating that early-morning grogginess):

a) Bedtime Calculator – a website that calculates which times you should aim to go to sleep based on the time you want to wake up. The calculator assumes (and rightly so, says science) that waking up between our sleep cycles leaves us groggy in the morning, and waking up at the end of a cycle leaves us feeling fresh and wide awake. And it really works – I’ve been using this for the last two weeks, and it’s been gold.

b) Self Control – a Mac OSX application that allows you to ‘blacklist’ certain websites for a specific period of time – say, one hour – during which we intend to study. This is absolutely cashmoney come exam time, trust me.


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