Uyama Hiroto – One Dream, Stratus

Uyama Hiroto is probably the musical equivalent of Hayao Miyazaki, Japan’s legendary film animator that some believe to be the greatest storyteller of all time (yes, you heard me Walt). He creates soothing, ethereal, ambient sounds heavily influenced by jazz, hip hop, and most significantly, the late Japanese DJ Nujabes. His music is perfect for anything that has to do with relaxing, sleeping, or being lazy. It works especially well at 3 in the morning, when your annoying little bitch roommate comes barging into the room and disturbing the peace.

One could only imagine the kind of multi-sensory experience Hiroto and Miyazaki could forge should they become friends…

Download: Uyama Hiroto – One Dream
Download: Uyama Hiroto – Stratus

P.S. If you dig (and you have an iPhone/iTouch), check out Tiny Wings on the App Store. Don’t ask, just do.


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