Songs from Coachella

First of all, you should all be glued to this link the whole weekend. Why? For the first time ever, Coachella is streaming a select few performances from each day of the three-day weekend! Live! With that said, here are a couple of songs from bands you probably haven’t heard from before — yes, they’re the bands that appear in the fine fine print on the Coachella poster.

Download: Gayngs – Faded High (one of my favorite tracks last year – doubters, this supergroup is composed of members from Bon Iver, P.O.S., Solid Gold, and more)

Download: Ariel’s Pink Haunted Graffiti – Round & Round (Pitchfork’s #1 song of 2010, so you should’ve heard this one)

Download: Delorean – Grow (you should know these guys as well. Gayngs, I forgive. But Delorean? I’ve been big on these guys for the last two years, and this year they’ve really burst out on the scene — must hear music)


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