Destroyer – Suicide Demo for Kara Walker


After spending close to a year with Destroyer’s amazing album Kaputt, I’ve decided that my favorite track on it is Suicide Demo For Kara Walker, a stunning 8-minute epic that just about sums up the soft-rock/smooth jazz vibe that encompasses the album. Rivaling the trumpet-and-piano-generated emotion one would expect from a Miles Davis record, Suicide Demo is a beautiful exploration into a hazy world of shadows and hopelessness. However, the track isn’t as a despondent as the title suggests: a swirl of clever alliterations and wordplay, woodwinds, synths, guitars, and soulful female backing vocals makes Suicide Demo an absolute joy to listen to.

“Poor child you’re never going to make it / New York City just wants to see you naked / And they will…”

Download: Destroyer – Suicide Demo for Kara Walker
(Password: stillsound)

Buy Kaputt here:



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